Effective Last Minute Revision Techniques For Memory

Exam season is here. The revision is underway. The nerves are very much present.

If you’re like me and never seem to find that one revision technique that works for you, it can be really annoying because you’re constantly switching between techniques, meaning you’re wasting precious revision time, and the material just isn’t going into your head.

However, there’s no need to worry, as I’ve put together a list of revision techniques specifically focused on memorising information, that take very little time to put together, and have really helped me when it comes to memorising key information at the last minute.

Active Recall

We’ve all heard this term, and it’s one that pops up every time you’ve frantically googled revision tips.

It basically means, asking yourself a question, or the definition for a key term, and seeing if you can recall that answer from your memory.

Flashcards are a helpful tool for this type of revision. For me, creating physical flashcards can be such a time consuming process. Making sure they all look pretty, writing neatly, if one looks off I end up starting again, and for me, it just wastes time and money, as I’m spending more time making the flashcards instead of actually revising from them.

Quizlet is a platform that has really helped me out with this (not an AD, I genuinely use it, and it helps me a lot). I’m sure you’ve heard of it before, but it basically allows you to make flashcards quick and easy, for free, and you can learn from them at any time, anywhere with the app.

You can also test yourself with different modes, and it also recognises how well you’re doing and will keep showing you the terms you’re struggling with until you get them. It’s just really helpful, and I’d definitely recommend using it, especially if you’ve not got much time left before your exam.

Teach Each Other

Get on a group video call, or meet each other in person, and teach each other the material. I would say embody your own teachers, but maybe that’s not something you want to do haha.

This is a win win for everyone. By sitting down and teaching someone the information, not only are you helping yourself to memorise and understand the key info better, you’re helping someone else at the same time.

Past Papers

You’re probably bored of your teachers telling you to study past papers, as it feels like such a mundane and bland way of revising, but it could just help you understand what the exam actually wants from you.

Past papers give you a clear idea of the type of questions that are most likely going to come up, and the marking guide will show you what the examiners expect from your answers.

It’s such a good way to get key information from a range of questions, and you could even make flashcards from the questions.

Even trying to complete one without looking at the answers can give you an idea of your progress with revision. You can identify areas you’ve mastered and areas you need to work on.

Post-it Notes

These are perfect for noting down KEY snippets of information and sticking them everywhere.

Don’t try and cram tons of information onto one post-in note as your brain will go, nope I’m not reading that. Make sure you only put down condensed info that you need to know.

Stick them on your wardrobe, your desk, a cupboard, mirror, places you go often, so you see them, read them, and it stays in your memory.

You could even have different colours for different subjects/topics, that way you can tell the difference between each one.

I hope these have given you some idea of how you can work with the time you have left before your exam. I’ve also got exams coming up and I’m using a mixture of these for my revision.

Make sure you manage your revision time, and take regular breaks.

Good luck!



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