3 Years of Blogging: A Reflection

3 Years of Blogging: A Reflection

3 years ago, I started my very first blog. Completely naive, and completely clueless in what to write and where this journey would take me. I don’t think I could explain why I started writing a blog, not because it’s private, but because I genuinely didn’t have a reason. It was a sort of, ‘let’s give it a go and see what happens’ kind of scenario.

Yet here I am, 3 years on, and still going. Just about.

I say ‘just about’ as it’s been quite the ride over these years. Dipping in and out, having thoughts of just deleting everything as my level of perfection was just not being reached, and lessons being learned about the blogging industry and myself as a person. Me and blogging have had a love-hate relationship, to put it lightly.

I think it was a comparison situation. I’d read these blogs, which looked so clean and sophisticated, with beautiful and aesthetically pleasing fonts, photos, and layouts. Then I’d look at mine, and think why. Why couldn’t mine look like that. It consumed my head so many times, which just led me to push this website to the side and, in a way, try and forget about writing blog posts.

Regret’s a strong word, and to be honest, I wouldn’t have my ‘blogging journey’ any other way, as I wouldn’t be here writing this now. However, I do look back and think that if I hadn’t have cared about comparing what my site looked like to everyone else’s, I may be in a different situation in terms of views and growth. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing.

Enough dwelling, we’re here to celebrate. If you wouldn’t mind going and grabbing some party poppers, maybe even a confetti cannon if you’re feeling adventurous, and a drink, and join me in a toast to my third blogging anniversary.

To my third blogging anniversary. *raises half drunk cup of tea*

I hope 2022 will be a more productive year for my blog, in terms of more posts and content. I’ll will really try my best, but let’s be honest, I’ll probably be saying the same thing this time next year.

Finally, a massive thank you to anyone who has read any of my posts this year (all 5 of them), and to anyone who has viewed and supported my blog, I really do appreciate it!

Ok then, 2022, let’s see what you have to offer, eh.



3 responses to “3 Years of Blogging: A Reflection”

  1. As the Kazoo sounds and confetti is raining from the air inside the house congrats 🎉 on sticking with it even tho it wasn’t perfection U are doing the damn thing and as long as U are trying that’s what matters the most. U honestly put a smile on my face n Od like to thank ya for that I enjoyed this post here well wishes on the upcoming yr

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