Best of ASOS New In | My Spring/Summer Style Wish List

Lockdown is lifting, we’re all able to see people again, and browsing the ‘new in’ section of ASOS has become a daily ritual for me. The season is changing and it’s time for a bit of a wardrobe shift. My saved items on ASOS has now exceeded 130, and it’s getting a bit out of hand, but I thought I’d show you what new items I’m loving right now.

I know what you’re thinking, wow this colour palette isn’t very spring/summer-like, but colour is something I struggle with putting together, and I always go for colour palettes that I know work for me and I’m able to pair with each other. I am trying to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe, but that’s all in good time.

ASOS DESIGN Oversized textured jumper with neutral check design

Credit: ASOS

This is something I never would’ve bought myself before, but I keep going back and doing a double take all the time and thinking, hmm maybe I could make this work.

We’re going into summer now, well I think we are as the weather hasn’t really make its mind up yet. I need to add more thin-ish jumpers into my wardrobe to wear with trousers or jeans. Something that’s a bit more exciting than a plain colour.

COLLUSION Sweatshirt with embroidered logo in khaki

Credit: ASOS

COLLUSION Oversized joggers with embroidered logo in khaki

Credit: ASOS

I mean, this tracksuit isn’t really screaming spring/summer, but I am on the look out for more loungewear, and this has really caught my eye.

COLLUSION is a brand that I keep going back and fourth with, some things I love and then some things I immediately scroll past. This however, I love, and you could wear the joggers with a different top, sweatshirt with another pair of trousers, or both together. I love the subtle branding on the jumper as well, so yeah, this is a win for me.

ASOS DESIGN 90s oversized linen shirt in mint retro stripe

Credit: ASOS

I’m really into overshirts at the minute, it’s such an easy item to pair with a t-shirt or on its own with trousers or jeans, and adds a bit of colour and structure to an outfit.

I’ve been using one of them personal styling apps, and one tip that I got was that wearing stripes makes your shoulders look broader, so this shirt is perfect, and the pastel colour is ideal for spring/summer time.

ASOS DESIGN Relaxed tapered jeans in vintage mid wash blue

Credit: ASOS

Jeans are my worst enemy. Seriously. I rarely ever find a pair that fit me and look good. I’ve been searching for a more loose/relaxed fitted pair, as they’re all the rage at the minute, but I’m really not having any luck.

The only pair of jeans that have ever worked for me are the ASOS classic rigid jeans with an elasticated waist. They fit really well, and I’ve worn them so much because of how rare it is for jeans to fit me like they do.

I came across this relaxed pair, and they look like they aren’t too baggy, yet they still have the loose fitted look to them. I mean, I doubt they’ll fit me how I want them to, but there’s no harm in trying.

ASOS DESIGN Faux leather biker jacket in brown

Credit: ASOS

Fun fact, I’ve never owned a leather jacket. It’s true.

I really do want to try one, because so many people label it as a ‘wardrobe staple’. I came across this faux leather brown one, and I thought black is obviously your traditional leather jacket colour, so why not switch it up and go for brown.

This one has a bit more shine to it, and looks slightly oversized. You can literally pair this with pretty much anything, so I now understand why a leather jacket is such a staple piece.

ASOS DESIGN Regular revere shirt in Aztec vertical stripe

Credit: ASOS

This is along the same lines as the overshirt I talked about earlier. When the sun decides to come out, wearing this either on its own with some trousers, or with a white t-shirt underneath, will be a simple and easy outfit to wear to someone’s garden or outside at a bar or restaurant.

Once again, the stripes are making an appearance to make your shoulders look broader. I also really like the colours in this, it’s not too in your face (I mean if it was ‘in your face’ there’s nothing wrong with that, you go for it), yet it’s no too plain either. Perfect summer staple.

ASOS DESIGN Oversized cord jacket in rust

Credit: ASOS

It looks like I’m loving a brown jacket right now.

I think I need to calm down when it comes to jackets, I recently bought one from Reclaimed Vintage which is like half khaki, half beige cord, I also bought a denim jacket but had to send it back because the arm and body length ratio was so odd.

I will say that I’m currently on the look out for the perfect denim jacket, so if you have any recommendations, I’d be so grateful!

Let me know what item is your favourite in the comments, and what sort of style type posts you’d like me to do next!


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