The Greatest Hits: February 2021

Welcome back to the second instalment of my music series ‘The Greatest Hits’!

February was quite a busy month when it comes to new music, with major releases from the likes of Dua Lipa & Rita Ora. So without further ado, let’s see what caught my eye in February.

Sam Fischer & Demi Lovato – What Other People Say

For the past couple of years, Sam Fischer has grown and grown in popularity, especially with his hit song ‘This City’ back in 2019. He’s now back with Demi Lovato, for, what I would call, a very honest and personal song.

The song focuses on societal struggles, and how you might change yourself just to please other people. Lovato said on Genius: “This song is a reflection on what it’s like to lose who you truly are in an effort to please other people and society.”

For me, it’s a very relatable song and one that I’m sure will resonate with so many other people.

Listen hereSam Fischer, Demi Lovato – What Other People Say (Official Video)

Martin Garrix feat. Tove Lo – Pressure

Talk about bangers. This is a banger. But not your average dance/electronic song either. I’d say it’s quite a chilled, subtle dance anthem, that you could listen to any time of day.

Martin Garrix is best known for his hits such as ‘Animals’, ‘In The Name of Love’ with Bebe Rexha, and ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ with Dua Lipa, plus many, many others. He’s made his name as one of the world’s most popular DJ’s, and he’s now teamed up with Swedish singer Tove Lo for ‘Pressure’.

It’s quite a dark dance song, with production that I rarely hear within this genre, but there’s something about it that draws you in and makes you listen over and over. You know when you’ve listed a good hundred times, it’s a hit.

Listen hereMartin Garrix feat. Tove Lo – Pressure (Official Video)

Jonas Blue feat. AWA – Something Stupid

From one world famous DJ, to another. I feel like we haven’t heard from Jonas Blue in a while, or maybe I’ve just missed all his releases. Anyway, he’s back with Swedish singer AWA, for his next hit, ‘Something Stupid’.

Jonas Blue is known to create hit after hit, with his portfolio consisting of ‘Fast Car’ with Dakota, ‘Perfect Strangers’ with JP Cooper, ‘By Your Side’ with RAYE, ‘Mama’ with William Singe, ‘Rise’ with Jack & Jack, I could go on for a while, but I think I’ve proved my point.

All I have to say about this song, is that it’ll most likely be stuck in your head for a while, but in the best way. Club ready, catchy, what more could you want?

Listen hereJonas Blue, AWA – Something Stupid (Official Video)

Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia: The Moonlight Edition

It’s been nearly a whole year since this iconic album first came into our lives, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of the most streamed, downloaded albums by a female artist of all time. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Dua Lipa said the Future Nostalgia era won’t end until 2022, and I’m here for it.

In the past year, we’ve had the ‘Future Nostalgia’ album, the ‘Club Future Nostalgia’ remix album, and we’re now being treated to the ‘Moonlight Edition’. This version of the album features 4 new songs, her collab with Miley Cyrus ‘Prisoner’ (great song btw), and her other collabs with J Balvin, Angele & DaBaby.

I know that quite a few of her songs were leaked, and I’m not gonna lie, I did listen to most of them. Two of the leaked songs do feature on this album, ‘If It Ain’t Me’ and ‘That Kind of Woman’. The first one was originally meant to be a collab with Normani, but for some reason that was scrapped, which I don’t think was the best idea, but hey ho. Apparently it was something to do with Normani’s label, and if it was, they need to sort themselves out.

Will we be getting more versions of this album over the next year? I hope so, because I think this is one of the best era’s in pop music, period.

Listen hereDua Lipa – Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition)

Rita Ora & Imanbek – Bang EP

Hands down, one of my favourite EPs of all time, and also my favourite project from Rita of all time. I know, quite a statement, but hear me out.

This sound I don’t think we’ve ever really heard Rita do before, and I hope she does more project’s like it, because wow, this is something else. The EP is only 4 songs long, but every song has a completely different vibe, which gives it a bit more excitement, energy, and surprise when you listen.

The EP is accompanied with a mini film, which is just stunning by itself. It also has a very apt name, because she really has come back with a ‘bang’ with this project, because every song is a real bang-er. Ok I’ll stop now.

But seriously, if you haven’t given this EP a listen yet, you’re missing out big time.

Listen hereRita Ora & Imanbek – Bang EP

Megan McKenna – This

Originally known for her appearances on ‘Ex On The Beach’, ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ & ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, Megan McKenna has always had a passion for singing. She reached the semi-final of the third series of Britain’s Got Talent in a duo called ‘Harmony’, and also auditioned for The X Factor twice, making it to bootcamp each time. Back in 2018, she released her debut album ‘Story of Me’, which peaked at number 4 on the UK country chart. At the end of 2019 she was a contestant on X Factor: Celebrity, and then went on to win.

Throughout the competition she sang a lot of her own material, with one of the songs ‘This’ becoming her first single after the show. ‘This’ is a very powerful ballad about chasing your dreams, and taking control of your own life. It became an instant success, reaching number 1 on the iTunes chart. Even though the song seems emotional, it does have a positive message behind it, and a sense of relief as well, most likely because she’s always wanted a singer career, and her dreams have finally come true.

Her music throughout X Factor received a lot of praise, and I’m sure whatever material she releases next, will continue to ride that same wave.

Listen hereMegan McKenna – This (Official Video)

Ella Henderson & Tom Grennan – Let’s Go Home Together

Ella Henderson has had a really strong comeback over the last year. Best known for coming sixth on The X Factor back in 2012, she had major success with her debut album back in 2014, with the album and her debut single ‘Ghost’ both reaching number 1. After quite a few years, she’s back releasing new material and dominating the charts.

Her initial comeback was with Jax Jones on the collab ‘This Is Real’, which peaked at number 9 back at the end of 2019. Over the past year, she’s featured on songs with Sigala and Sam Feldt, and also released her own music such as ‘Take Care of You’, ‘Dream On Me’ with Roger Sanchez, and now ‘Let’s Go Home Together’ with Tom Grennan.

This track, I’d describe as a chilled, romantic one. Both Ella and Tom’s voices work so well together, and really compliment each other. Ella’s music is always so diverse, and you never know what type of song she’s going to release next. Let’s hope her second album is on the way soon, because it’s been nearly 7 years, and I’m sure we’re all ready.

Listen hereElla Henderson x Tom Grennan – Let’s Go Home Together

Joel Corry, RAYE & David Guetta – BED

Anyone still obsessed with ‘Head & Heart’? I mean it was the biggest song of 2020.

Could this now be the biggest song of 2021?

Joel Corry is back with RAYE & David Guetta for their collab, BED. I feel like this has been highly anticipated, to see what he comes up with next after the huge success of ‘Head & Heart’ with MNEK, which was number 1 for 6 weeks last summer.

The track has the classic Joel Corry sound which sticks in your head for a good while after listening, and the insane vocals from RAYE, who’s voice literally fits with every genre it’s ridiculous.

Joel Corry has really made his name as one of the most exciting new DJs, with every one of his songs becoming an instant banger. Seriously, I’m so excited to see where he goes with his career, because so far it’s looking very promising.

Listen hereJoel Corry x RAYE x David Guetta – BED (Official Video)

Phew, I wasn’t kidding when I said February was a packed month for music. If you’ve made it to the end of the post, congratulations, you deserve a round of applause.

March is already looking very promising, and just as busy as February, so stay tuned for my next instalment of The Greatest Hits!


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  1. I loved all of Demi Lovato’s recent songs and can only agree on “What Other People Say”. That’s a great list of songs you have there!

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