Why Uni Mental Health Day Is More Important Than Ever

Use the hashtag #UniMentalHealthDay

We all know university can be a very stressful, overwhelming, pressure filled environment. There’s coursework, assignments, exams, hours of lectures, and we all know this has had a detrimental affect on a lot of students’ mental health.

It’s widely known that during the pandemic and lockdown, university students, and students in general, have been very much at the end of the line when it comes to support. This past year has been a challenge for every single one of us in many different ways. Us students’ have, in a lot of people’s words, been failed by the government. We’ve had exam results changed and lowered, meaning that a lot of students didn’t get into their chosen universities, or had to appeal for the grades to be re-done. We’ve had schools shut multiple times, not knowing whether we’re coming or going, and we’ve still had the expectation to keep up the same level of work, even though we’re not on campus physically, and in the middle of a global pandemic.

According to the Mind charity, nearly three quarters (73%) of students said that their mental health declined during the lockdown. This is a big percentage of students, and a warning sign that things need to change.

As a first year university student myself, who started in the middle of the pandemic, I know the feeling of the amount of pressure and expectations that are put on us. More awareness is needed, not just for students’ mental health, but everyone’s.

Today is a day to talk. Talk about the need for better mental health support within universities, talk about your struggles, because the more we talk, the more progress we make, and the more awareness is made.

If you are struggling, there are resources out there for you. Here’s a list of some places you might want to go too, or share.

Student Minds

Go to their websitehttps://www.studentminds.org.uk

The Student Minds website is full of information and resources if you’re struggling, such as different groups, student support services and phone lines.

Student Space

Go to their websitehttps://studentspace.org.uk

The student space is dedicated to helping students out throughout COVID, no matter what your struggling with.

Young Minds

Go to their websitehttps://youngminds.org.uk

Once again, Young Minds has countless resources to help. They have a blog where people can write about their personal experiences, there’s free text services, resources, even a shop where you can buy merchandise to support the charity.


Go to their websitehttps://www.mind.org.uk

Call Mind for support and advice – 0300 123 3393

Mind is a very well known mental health charity, and are here for everyone to help and support them, so don’t hesitate.

The Samaritans

Go to their websitehttps://www.samaritans.org

Get in touch:

You can call 116 123, or email jo@samaritans.org, with a 24 hour response for both call and email.

Change is going to come, and if we all work together and spread the word about students’ mental health, we can make that change come quicker, and make the topic of mental health less of a taboo.

Once again, if you need to speak to anyone, the resources I’ve put above are all there for you. My comments and messages are also open if you want to have a chat.

Keep safe everyone.


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