My Week In Outfits: Lockdown Edition

Hands up, who’s been living in hoodies and joggers throughout working from home and online learning? Come on you can admit it, because I certainly have. It’s literally all I’ve worn throughout all of this (apart from the times I actually left the house), and it’s become a bit repetitive, and made me feel un-motivated and lazy.

So this week, I decided to throw away the hoodies and joggers (not literally, I still have them), and pick a new outfit out everyday. I can safely say, it genuinely made me feel more put together and gave me more of a boost to focus and get work done. It also gave me an excuse to wear clothes I hadn’t worn yet…haha.

So without further ado, let’s see what I wore in a week during lockdown…


For the first day of the week, I wore an ASOS oversized sweatshirt with turtle neck in beige, tucked into my fave jeans, the ASOS DESIGN classic rigid jeans with elasticated waist, which I’ve literally worn to death.


For Tuesday, I went with the ASOS long sleeve jersey turtle neck in black. Over the top of that, I wore the ASOS oversized flannel shirt in beige, and finally, once again my fave jeans, the ASOS classic rigid jeans with elasticated waist. I just can’t get enough of them.


Well then, Wednesday. So I started off the day wearing the ASOS cotton roll neck jumper in white. Over the top of that, the ASOS oversized sweatshirt in grey. For jeans, I wore the ASOS slim jeans in mid wash blue with knee rips, rolled up twice, with a simple ASOS slim black belt. Then later on during the day, as I was actually going out of the house (shocker), I wore the ASOS overcoat in tan (which is out of stock unfortunately, so I’ve linked a very similar one). Finally to finish the outfit off, for shoes (which I didn’t take a picture of, oops), I wore the ASOS trainers in white mesh with chunky sole.


I went for something a little bit smarter on Thursday, not for any particular reason, I was just in the mood to feel like I was about to head into an important meeting and not online lectures haha. Anyway, I wore the Topman roll neck in chocolate brown (does look slightly more burgundy in real life). I paired the roll neck with the Topman trousers in grey. CEO look sorted.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Well, as these are my days off of university, I didn’t end up getting dressed and lived in my hoodie and joggers over these days. Sorry not sorry. I’m sure you don’t want to see me in my natural habitat, I feel like I need to keep this classy and not ruin it.

There we have it, what I wore in a week during lockdown. Let me know if you like these types of posts and if you want me to do more of them!


3 responses to “My Week In Outfits: Lockdown Edition”

  1. I love this!! I’ve been trying to do the same when I can, helps with routine and feeling a bit more normal and looking human on blackboard collaborate…but I must confess I’m in pyjamas by mid afternoon😂

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