What I’ve Learned About The Power of Manifestation

An event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical.

Manifestation and the law of attraction has been around for over a century, and is all about believing you have something and letting it come to you, by speaking in the present and using active words.

It’s something that I’ve heard a lot of people mention and talk about for a while, but I’d say it’s only been in the last year that I’ve started to research and understand what the law of attraction actually entails, and how you can practice it yourself.

Manifestation can bring you motivation and a more hopeful outlook on your life. I’m quite a negative person most of the time, which I really need to change. Whenever I want to do something or achieve something, I instantly think that I’m not good enough, I can’t do it, or that it’ll never happen to me. By having all these negative thoughts, my mood declines as well. I needed to switch this outlook, and bring more positive thoughts into my mind. Instead of saying that I’m not good enough, I won’t ever have something or I can’t do it, say that I will achieve something and I CAN do it.

Especially during the current situation, I think we all need a bit of a positivity boost, and this is something that has gradually made me have a better outlook on life. As you can see from the picture at the top, I made a manifestation mood board and used it as my laptop background, meaning that everyday I see these quotes to remind me to think more optimistically instead of negatively. All I did was find different quotes on Pinterest centred around what my goals were and then put them all together on Photoshop, and looking at it everyday has given me that extra push I need.

Manifestation can come in all different forms, whether that’s life, money, career or even physical objects. There’s no limit on what dream you can have, if you believe that you can have it, and tell yourself that you can, there’s no reason why you can’t. Obviously, we all know it doesn’t work by sitting around and waiting for all of this to happen, you have to work hard on top of this. Everything you do, and every event that takes place will hopefully lead you closer to what you want.

Don’t be disheartened if something you manifested doesn’t come true. There are so many things that I wanted and imagined, but they just didn’t pan out the way I thought. Before I moved into student accommodation last year, I imagined having the best time and creating a brand new life, but before I knew it, I was moving back home. Things turn out differently sometimes, and this is because the universe guides you in a different way. You’ll eventually realise that everything happens for a reason, and even if you manifest it, it might not come true, because you may be destined for something even better.

There’s a quote on my mood board that when I read the first time, really resonated with me…

The Universe is not punishing you. It is not blessing you. It is not controlling you. It is responding to your vibration. Think happy and happiness will come to you. Think negatively and negativity will come to you. What we put out into the Universe, we get back like an echo.

– Abraham Hicks

In all of this, I’ve learnt that it’s all about having goals and ambitions and believing that they will come true. If you have something you’ve always wanted in your life, career etc. but you never believed it would come true, start believing that it will. You never know, the universe might surprise you.


6 responses to “What I’ve Learned About The Power of Manifestation”

  1. Great read! Some folks get caught up in “techniques” and become somewhat obsessed if outcomes don’t materialize exactly how they imagine. If it’s not meant for us, it’s just not meant for us. It’s nice to see others who also understand that manifestation is just one tool on the path to happiness and contentment.

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  2. What an interesting read Jared – I must admit I have never been massively into manifesting things, in fear of feeling a bit stupid but have been trying to give it a go in my journalling. Goal setting is vastly important, like you mentioned, as it gives us a purpose and sense of direction!

    Paige // Paige Eades

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  3. A really great and interesting post. I’ve only begun to learn about the whole concept of power through manifestation and manifestation itself so this was really informative for me and loved to see that you’re experiencing some great results by it too!

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  4. Manifestation is something that I’ve only recently heard of but it’s something that I’m really interested in learning more about so this was such an interesting read! I think of myself as a realist but, in the current situation, I’ve definitely become a bit more pessimistic (as we all have!). I’ll be looking into manifestation more for sure 🙂 x


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