New Year, New Clothes | A Mini ASOS Haul

I know right now many of us haven’t left the house for a while, and the majority of us are wearing loungewear 24/7, but who doesn’t love that feeling of getting new clothes and putting new outfits together!

Well I thought for the new year, I’d treat myself to a few new items that will be added to my wardrobe staples, and that I’ll be able to dress up or down for any occasion (aka making that trip from the living room to the kitchen).

We’re going to start off with a new puffer jacket, which is being added to my ever growing collection of them (it’s a problem I know). Puffer jackets/coats are an essential during the autumn/winter, and believe me, I’ve got a fair collection. After being on the look out for a grey puffer jacket for a little while, I finally settled on one which was plain grey with a detachable hood and decided that was it. However, as I was scrolling through the ‘new in’ section, which I do on the daily, I spotted this ‘Grey Cord Puffer Jacket‘ and instantly fell in love.

I will say that when I opened the package and tried this on, it did feel ever so slightly oversized. I wear an XS, and normally do get my puffer jackets in an XS, but this just felt a tiny bit bigger. It hasn’t affected how it feels wearing it, so don’t be put off. I’d say maybe downsize, it’s completely up to you, but I do prefer having it a little bit bigger, it makes it more comfy haha.

When I say this jacket is warm, it’s warm, yet I wouldn’t say that you couldn’t layer underneath. I’ve worn this jacket with a roll neck and over-shirt underneath without any problem. The only way I could describe how this jacket feels when wearing it, is that it’s like wearing a duvet. Absolute heaven.

Next up, we’ve got two new wardrobe staples that I’ll be getting my use out of all year round (ok maybe not the black one in the summer, might get a bit warm). These are the ‘Muscle Fit Jersey Turtle Necks’ in Black & White.

The thing I absolutely love about these is that they are wardrobe staples that you can dress up or down, no matter what the occasion. Layer them with an over-shirt, jumper, or wear them on their own with jeans, like I have, or with a smart pair of trousers, win win.

Who doesn’t love a roll neck? I’ve become slightly obsessed with them, and my collection is ever growing. Just like the turtle necks, you can dress these up or down and wear them day or night. A definite wardrobe staple for me.

So the top one, which weirdly looks like two different colours on the pictures, with the picture on the left looking more like the actual colour haha, is the ‘Pull & Bear Roll Neck Jumper In Tan‘. With the one on the bottom being the ‘Topman Roll Neck Jumper In Chocolate Brown‘.

I’ve been seeing a lot of the more minimal and neutral look all over social media recently, and I’m really loving it. I used to be all about patterns and quotes on t-shirts etc. but lately it’s all flipped upside down and my wardrobe now consists of different shades of brown, beige, white, black, grey and maybe the odd pop of colour here and there. Less is more as they say.

I really don’t like when roll necks don’t fit properly, and the arms are so baggy it’s ridiculous, which is experiences I’ve had in the past. However, these ones don’t have that problem. They fit like a dream, are not too warm, yet not too thin, so are great for layering or wearing just as they are. I mean you can never have too many roll necks right?

Say hello to the new addition to my everyday trainers. These are the ‘ASOS DESIGN Trainers In White Mesh With Chunky Sole‘. I’ve always loved the look of chunky trainers, and actually used to own a pair of Fila Disrupter’s a couple of years ago (which I ironically now don’t really like). Sometimes I feel like chunky trainers can just go a bit over the top if I’m honest and look a bit odd. I wanted something that wasn’t too much but was still that chunky trainer look, and I think I’ve found them.

I’m yet to actually wear them outside, but on first try-on they feel really comfy and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to walk for a long while before I want to rip them off. For quite a few months now, my everyday trainer has been the classic high top Converse, but I just wanted to add something else into that collection to mix it up every now and then.

Are you a chunky trainer fan? I feel like they’re marmite, you either are obsessed with them or avoid them, let me know!

I’m planning to do a lot more fashion related posts in the future, so if you have any ideas of what you’d like me to do, let me know!


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  1. The Puffa Jackets and the shoes though!! I bet the jacket, a turtle neck, some back jeans and those white shoes would make a killer outfit together, I love a haul brings excitement into my life! Especially at the moment!

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